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If you want to know how to clean your air ducts in an eco-friendly way and more, follow these tips. Our experts have some wonderiful ideas on how to help ensure your indoor air quality stays fresh.

Get the dryer vent in perfect shape before installing a new dryer

The vent will certainly need cleaning. You should inspect it closely to see if it requires repair too. In case the original vent is made from plastic or foil, you should consider replacing it with dryer duct made from rigid or semi-rigid metal. This will help to slow down the risk of lint buildup and lower the risk of fire even further.

Stay away from air filters without MERV rating

MERV stands for 'Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value' and shows how good the HVAC air filters are at retaining air pollutants like dust particles and pollen. If the rating is not printed on the body of the filter, usually the frame, this means that it may have not undergone independent testing. Don’t put the indoor air quality in your home at risk with a product like this.

Look for the root cause

If your air ducts are extremely dirty, it’s best to call our professional cleaning experts to get them thoroughly sanitized. However, it is also a good idea to first figure out where the root of the problem lies, as getting rid of the source will result in fewer expenses in the long run.

Close the HVAC registers in parts of the house where repair work is being done

This will prevent dust and debris from getting inside the air ducts. You should also consider sealing the registers with tape to ensure the best results. At the same time, you should avoid closing the registers in the rooms where there are no repairs taking place. This will guarantee the proper operation of the system.


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