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Will cleaning my air ducts reduce my energy bills?

Your system should run more efficiently and will be less likely to break down when it’s clean. For further details, check out our helpful FAQ section below for answers to many commonly asked questions about your air ducts.

How to tell if there are leaks in my air ducts?

The most notable sign would be an increase in your energy bills. As more heated or cooled air is lost, the HVAC system has to work harder and longer in order to compensate. Stuffier rooms with more dust and recurring unpleasant odors can also be a sign of a leak in your air ducts. Be sure to contact our experts if you suspect your ductwork had gotten damaged somehow.

Is air duct cleaning easy?

Air duct cleaning is definitely not easy. It's the opposite of easy. Your ductwork extends throughout various parts of your home or business, most of which can be very hard to reach. The dirt and mold that can potentially accumulate in these barely reachable spots must be removed, which means there's always a need to seek professional assistance when it comes to air duct cleaning.

Is air duct repair important?

When your air ducts are damaged, repairing them is vital. Aside from dust and debris accumulating inside your ductwork and spreading potentially dangerous contaminants throughout your home or business, damaged air ducts will also allow air to escape, which will result in greater energy bills on your part. By getting them repaired, you'll be saving money, and, oh yes, ensuring your indoor air is safe to breathe!

What are the signs that the dryer vent needs cleaning?

It’s quite easy to tell when the vent is getting clocked. The dryer will work less efficiently than before, meaning clothes will take longer to dry. The appliance will get hotter while working. Additionally, the air in your laundry room may become very warm and humid. If any of these signs is present, opt for dryer vent cleaning right away.

What could be blocking my chimney?

Debris, bird nests, or creosote buildup could block chimneys. Our Los Angeles experts can identify and address the issue promptly.

How often should you clean your fireplace chimney?

Regular chimney cleaning is crucial to prevent creosote buildup, a potential fire hazard. We recommend an annual inspection and cleaning, especially if you frequently use your fireplace.

How do I know if my fireplace chimney needs cleaning?

Look out for signs like reduced draft, foul odors, or visible soot. If you notice these, it's time for a professional chimney cleaning.


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